Offender Health Research Network

Offender Psychological Therapy Network


To support practitioners to develop and deliver psychological therapeutic interventions for offenders


  • To act as a forum for discussion of how best to meet the psychological needs of offenders across the diagnostic categories of common mental health problems, personality disorders, substance misuse and cognitive deficits
  • To develop practice based evidence for psychological therapeutic interventions for use in criminal justice settings
  • To support the development of IAPT services suitable for offenders
  • To support any forthcoming development of NICE guidelines for common mental health problems for criminal justice settings
  • To support the adaptation of psychological therapy training to meet the needs of practitioners working with offenders
  • To support Continuing Professional Development for those working with offenders
  • To promote research that develops an evidence base for best practice in therapeutic work with offenders
  • To develop a network of practitioners working psychologically across the criminal justice system
  • To contribute to strengthening pathways across the criminal justice system to improve continuity of access to appropriate mental healthcare.
  • To promote understanding of psychological therapies between health and criminal justice professionals, ensuring system wide interventions.

Key Contact

Dr Sunil Lad, Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust

We hold 3 or 4 meetings a year acting as a resource for practitioners working in the area and to support the development of services. We have members from around England and usually meet at a central location.

Work in Progress

Developing a model pathway for IAPT