Offender Health Research Network

The Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (CHAT)

Children and young people who are in contact with the Youth Justice System (YJS) are generally a socially excluded population with significant complex health needs. There is evidence showing that children and young people who offend are less likely than their peers to have their health needs recognised and these needs tend to remain unrecognised and unsupported when they enter the YJS. The most common reason for unmet need is a lack of screening.

Tools used within the YJS to screen and assess needs vary greatly, needs are inconsistently addressed and there are gaps in how information is collected. Early intervention and identification is key to improving health outcomes and reducing re-offending.

The Offender Health Research Network have developed the Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (CHAT).  The CHAT provides the opportunity for standardised holistic screening and assessment for ALL young people throughout the YJS, aiding early identification of needs, improving continuity of care and reducing duplication during transition periods within the YJS.

To access the Secure and YOS versions of the CHAT tool, manual and/or final report CLICK HERE

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