Offender Health Research Network

Ongoing Research

A study of psychotropic medication prescribing patterns in English prisons: a mixed methods study

Management of released prisoners with severe and enduring mental illness:adaptation of the critical time intervention


Completed Research

Smoking in Prisons in England and Wales: An examination of the case for public health police change (388KB)

The Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (CHAT)

Mental Health Screening in Police Custody

Health and Social Care Services for Older Adults in Prison 

National Study of Self-Inflicted Death by Prisoners 2008 - 2010 January 2013 (pdf 741KB)

The Development of a Pilot Electronic Multi-Agency Information Sharing System for Offenders with Mental Illness February 2012

Mental Illness, Personality Disorder and Violence: A Scoping Review January 2012 (pdf 741KB)

Alternatives to Custody for People with Mental Health Problems December 2011 (pdf 640KB)

Liaison and Diversion Services: Current practices and future directions November 2011 (pdf 1.9MB)

Pilot Intervention into Depression amongst Older Adults in Prison June 2011 (pdf 277KB)

A National Case-Control Study of Self-Inflicted Death in Prison in England and Wales April 2011 (pdf 1.2MB)

Evaluation of Prison Mental Health In-reach Services (pdf 1.95MB)

The Pathway of Prisoners with Mental Health Problems through Prison Health Services and the Effect of the Prison Environment on the Mental Health of Prisoners Apr 2010 (1.6MB)

An Audit of Medication Prescribing Practices following Imprisonment Apr 2010 (pdf 597KB)

An Evaluation of In-possession Medication within the Prison System Aug 2009 (pdf 984KB)

An evaluation of reception and secondary health screening processes within the prison system Dec 2008 (pdf 1.2MB)

An Evaluation of the Department of Health’s ‘Safe and Appropriate Transfer of Prisoners under the Mental Health Act, 1983 Initiative Oct 2008 (pdf 638KB)

Independent Evaluation Rreport of Improving health, Supporting Justice: A Consultation Document Aug 2008

Offender Health: Scoping Review and Research Priorities within the UK Jul 2009 (pdf 620KB)

Prison and Health Care Staff Perception of Implementing IDTS in the First Wave of Prisons Jan 2008 (pdf 295KB)

Review of Drug and Alcohol Treatments in Prison and Community Settings Nov 2007 (pdf 846KB)

Mental Health Services and Prisoners: An Updated Review Oct 2007 (pdf 2.49MB)

Development of a dental assessment tool for use in prisons Aug 2007 (pdf 122KB)

Observational Cross Sectional Pilot Study of Adherence with Antipsychotic Medication in People with Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorders in Prisons Jul 2007 (pdf 418KB)

The Health Needs of Young Offenders Nov 2006 (pdf 135KB)

The Healthcare Challenges of Older People in Prisons (pdf 381 KB)

Perinatal Healthcare in Prison: A Scoping Review of Policy and Provision Jul 2006 (pdf 628KB)

Evaluation of the impact of the national strategy for improving prison dental services 2006 (pdf 104KB)

Systematic Review of Prison Dentistry Jul 2006 (pdf 71KB)

Primary Care Literature 2006 (pdf 231KB)

Hepatitis Literature 2006 (pdf 234KB)

HIV/AIDS Literature 2006 (pdf 612KB)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Literature 2006 (pdf 237KB)

A Survey of the Delivery of Health Care in Prisons in Relation to Chronic Diseases 2006 (pdf 568KB)

Priorities in Prison Health Research 2004 (pdf 139KB)